Triple Cartilage

Serena's Triple Ear Cartilage Piercings

Serena’s Triple Ear Cartilage Piercings

Serena came to see me with a logistically defying gun pierced scaffold… I cannot stress anymore how important it is to pierce needle only, an industrial with a gun is just horrific. You can see on the top of the ear where the former scaffold was, how blown out the ear has become and the angle was a) so off, and b) the lower ear rim just wasn’t possible to pierce in that way. That (shorter) bar (I replaced the scaffold with) is in line with the lower two of the top two I added/rather than in line with the top! Yet the scar is in line with the top bar… The ear had got so angry that a whole half of the scaffold bar had submerged and looked as though it was going through the actual ear. Up on my advice and me removing the bar, Serena treated her ear to a point it was way healthier and pierceable in a professional and safe manner. I first pierced the lower part of the ear cartilage and several weeks later added the two top additions. Pierced w/1.2mm x 8mm titanium only bars. Needle only piercings. Safe to say Serena has been back since and is healing well to my knowledge.

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