⚡ Double Piercings Scaffold & Nape Surface ⚡

Marie's Scaffold Piercing I

Marie’s Scaffold Piercing I

Marie's Scaffold II

Marie’s Scaffold II & Nape Surface

Marie's Scaffold Piercing III

Marie’s Scaffold Piercing III

Marie’s scaffold piercing w/1.6mm x 38mm titanium bar. I like the second picture because you can see both piercings.


Marie's Nape Surface Piercing I

Marie’s Nape Surface Piercing I

Marie's Nape Surface Piercing II

Marie’s Nape Surface Piercing II

Marie's Nape Surface Piercing III

Marie’s Nape Surface Piercing III

Nape surface piercing w/1.6mm PTFE & 5mm titanium balls. The clamp has definitely left it’s mark, as has El Capitan!

Two piercings at once is pretty tough, especially when it’s a scaffold and a surface; they look really good though.

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