Lobe Piercing Action…

Marking Up George.

Marking Up George.

George had never been pierced before, so decided on getting his lobes pierced with the idea to stretch them in future…

Here’s El Capitan VS. George w/some ear lobe piercing action.

  • Blue pen out, marking up; all important to get the positioning aesthetically pleasing as well as level and straight.
Literally Lobe Piercing!

Literally Lobe Piercing!

For a first piercing, George looks pretty relaxed.

  • Clamp the lobe with a mini clamp and pierced w/1.6mm needle.
snip n' smiles...

snip n’ smiles…

Now all smiles…

  • After removing the needle from the canula, snip the canula down at an angle to bite the jewellery thread.
Ear Lobe Piercing w/1.6mm.

Ear Lobe Piercing w/1.6mm.

Right side done. Now for the pair…

in n' out swift...

in n’ out swift…

Lobe Piercing ⚡ George & El Capitan

Lobe Piercing ⚡ George & El Capitan

Left side done.

  • Fit the jewellrey into the suspended canula and ease through the pierced lobe leaving just the bar, thread fix the ball on to finish.
Lobe Piercing Right

Lobe Piercing Right

George's Lobe Piercing Left

George’s Lobe Piercing Left

George was pierced w/1.6mm x 8mm blackline titanium labret bars w/5mm balls.

George is pierced!

George is pierced!

All in all, George took it well and enjoyed his first piercing experience ~ no doubt, no less @ Shiva Piercings w/El Capitan.

Special Thanks to Kelly Fitzsimmons for taking the photographs.

Edits by El Cap.

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