Lower Back Dimples/Dermals






Miari’s Lower Back Dimples/Dermal Piercings

Some contrasting shots of our new Shiva Crew member, Miari’s lower-back dimple/microdermal-piercings. This pair of microdermal anchors have been placed along Miari’s waist to create the shimmering dimple effect with 4mm crystal clear gemstones. All of the above were taken fresh following piercing whilst there’s a couple of settled shots a week or so after piercing below.




Becca's Nose Piercing

Becca’s Nose Piercing

Becca’s nose pierced w/titanium cone/mini-spiked head. Nose piercing is also still as popular as ever, I always advise wearing the initial jewellery whilst cleaning twice daily; for around three months post-piercing. Usually within three or four months, if healing well a ring or alternative jewellery can be switched. Sometimes however, a piercing (nose or otherwise) can take up to a year to fully heal… so be patient whilst healing, persistent when cleaning and conscious of whatever future metal you may wish to wear.