Eve’s Smiley Piercing


Eve’s healed smiley piercing refit w/1.2mm segment ring.



Isaac’s Smiley Piercing

Always a pleasure to meet new people doing what I do… Here’s Isaac’s smiley/frenulum pierced w/1.2mm x 8mm titanium CBB.


Erin's Smiley Piercing

Erin’s Smiley Piercing

Erin's Smiley w/10mm CBB.

Erin’s Smiley w/10mm CBB.

Erin's Smiley w/6mm CBB.

Erin’s Smiley w/6mm CBB.

Was a pleasure to pierce Erin’s frenulum/smiley w/1.2mm x 10mm titanium CBB and later switched down to a discreeter, lighter 1.2mm x 6mm CBB.

Smiley Smile

Michelle's Smiley Piercing

Michelle’s Smiley Piercing

Smile for yo’ Cap’n! It’s pretty fun being a body piercer… Michelle’s smiley/frenulum piercing w/1.2mm x 10mm CBB by El Capitan @ Shiva Piercings.




This is a smiley piercing, which is the frenulum within your mouth behind your upper lip. I pierce these with a 1.2mm x 8mm CBB although I can use a bar if you wish to keep it discreet or are worried about your teeth. These look awesome, are real popular and a lot of fun to do. Depends how big your frenulum is in regards to if you can get it done, but it does add a bit of bite to a smile!