Finger Dermal

Donna's Finger Dermal

Donna’s Finger Dermal

Dermal II

Donna had ink on her finger she wanted covered and so went with a finger dermal w/mixed-pink-stone. With all piercings although especially micro-dermal/surface piercings, I go over the positioning, healing and risks; usually recommending a finger dermal to be worn like a splint with tape for a week of the initial healing. Generally speaking, it is an area (hands/fingers/wrists-even) whereby you are likely to occasionally catch or knock it but good quality dermal implants (both metal/jewellery wise and piercing/placement) and taking good care of your piercing means these can last for years. I’ve removed and repaired loads of anchors over the years and am always more than happy to refit my work on my customers free of charge if you manage to get caught out. Quality, professional piercing stems worldwide so always do your research before getting anything pierced.

*Updated* A month after the original ring finger dermal, Donna was so happy we added an additional pinky dermal and switched up the gemstones…

Donna's additional pinky dermal piercing

Donna’s additional pinky dermal piercing