Collarbone Dermal Trio




Tess’ Collarbone Micro Dermal Piercing Trio



Tess’ Collarbone Dermal Anchor Trio by El Capitan

Had an absolute blast adding to the lovely Tess’ piercing collection with three microdermal anchors alongside the collarbone. Was more than happy to spend time dotting these up to get them perfectly positioned at Tess’ request and we were both extremely happy with the results. Thanks for the great contrasting shots, this was a real fun one; and it always means a lot to provide people with their perfect piercings.



Dermal Triangle

Layla's Microdermal Anchor Triangle Piercings

Layla’s Microdermal Anchor Triangle Piercings

• Dermal Trio •

• Dermal Trio •

Always a pleasure adding additional metal to Layla’s impressive body mod collection… Here’s an additional throat dermal, alongside chest dermals I had pierced prior; to create a microdermal triangle w/4mm clear gem stone heads.