Conch & Scaffold




Magdalena’s Conch & Scaffold Piercings

Here’s some awesome shots of Magdalena’s healed conch piercing w/1.6mm segment ring and a fresh scaffold w/1.6mm industrial titanium bar. I think the conch piercing looks great with a ring when healed and these two piercings really compliment each other well. Always a pleasure to meet so many wonderful people, doing what I do…




Asha’s Scaffold Piercing

Asha’s scaffold/industrial piercing w/1.6mm titanium. Love piercing and meeting new faces. I usually recommend returning at some point within the first 3-6 months for a shorter bar following the initial swelling, although like most piercings these can take a year or so to fully heal. When fully healed you can shorten the bar, get smaller balls or internally threaded jewellery for a snug/discreet look.



Rook & Scaffold


Hollie’s Rook Piercing



Hollie’s Scaffold Piercing


Hollie’s healing rook pierced w/1.2mm x 8mm curved bar, alongside a fresh scaffold/industrial piercing w/1.6mm titanium. Always a pleasure to see returning custom/clients who have looked after their piercings.

Various Ear Work

Various Ear Work I

Various Ear Work II

Abi's Inner-Pinner & Daith Piercings

Abi’s Inner-Pinner & Daith Piercings

Various Ear Work IV

Abi's Scaffold Piercing

Abi’s Scaffold Piercing

Various ear cartilage piercings (tragus not by me) on the lovely Abi over time… A flash scaffold w/1.6mm bar and lightning bolt attachment loop on the left ear, whilst the healing daith w/1.2mm CBB has been joined by an additional inner-pinner w/1.2mm bar; on the right ear. Pleasure to meet so many wonderful people, an honour to be continually trusted for the perfect piercing.

Daith & Scaffold

Daith & Scaffold I

Ann's Daith & Scaffold Piercings

Ann’s Daith & Scaffold Piercings

Daith & Scaffold III

Awesome shots of Ann’s double piercings!! Daith pierced w/1.2mm x 8mm titanium CBB whilst the industrial scaffold has been pierced w/1.6mm x 38mm titanium bar. The blue marks under the scaffold bar are from a couple of mark ups whereby I line up between the dots as best possible to give you options of how you want it to sit. Sometimes there’s not much room to maneuver for options but Ann had a really well defined ear for piercing. Always happy to talk angles and positioning…


Natasha's Vertical Industrial Piercing

Natasha’s Vertical Industrial Piercing

Suicide Scaffold Piercing - Straight Down...

Suicide Scaffold Piercing – Straight Down…

Absolutely love doing scaffold piercings and especially the ‘suicide scaffold’ which is a vertical industrial piercing; straight down! On the lovely Natasha w/1.6mm x 40mm titanium bar. Always a pleasure.


Martha's Vertical-Industrial-Scaffold Piercing I

Martha’s Vertical-Industrial-Scaffold Piercing I

Martha's Vertical-Industrial-Scaffold Piercing II

Martha’s Vertical-Industrial-Scaffold Piercing II

Was a pleasure to add to Martha’s extensive metal collection with a vertical-scaffold/industrial piercing, pierced w/1.6mm x 38mm titanium bar. This looks awesome and it’s always fun doing industrial work!

• Vertical Scaffold • Industrial • Suicide •

Layla's Vertical Scaffold Piercing I

Layla’s Vertical Scaffold Piercing I

Layla's Vertical Scaffold Piercing II also known as a Suicide Industrial Piercing

Layla’s Vertical Scaffold Piercing II also known as a Suicide Industrial Piercing

Had a blast adding this piece of heavy metal to Layla’s right ear. I’ve pierced Layla countless times (20+) and her left ear can be seen featured on here with a ‘traditional scaffold’ among other piercings. To even it up some I added a vertical scaffold piercing, also known as a suicide industrial piercing w/1.6mm titanium. Both of us were very happy with the results and industrial work has to be among my favourite piercings. There’s also a 2mm taper in her lobe and a top ear/helix piercing pierced some when prior.