Double Helix


Got my top ear done again by El Capitan @ Shiva / great guy and smooth process – will be back to get another soon.


Hanna’s Helix Piercing


Hanna’s Mirrored Second Top Ear Piercing

Was a pleasure to pierce Hanna’s top ear/helix’, both pierced w/1.2mm titanium. After Hanna’s first one, she left a really kind write up…

Today I decided was the day to get my piercing done. I booked my appointment online and chose James to carry out the procedure (because I’ve had a look at his Instagram page a while ago when I was searching for someone to do my piercing). 

I went with my mum because she’s always been there when I got my past piercings. The shop itself also offers tattoo services and they also sell a range of items; from bracelets to hair dye to printed bedspreads. Here is their online store –
I didn’t really speak to the staff much but I didn’t have a bad experience with any of them, they all seemed really cool and chilled. I can only really say much about James (the guy who actually pierced my ear). He was really lovely and chatty which helped take my mind off the fact that a needle was about to go through my ear ��. We later realised that he was the same person that pierced my mum’s nose (and a few other family friend’s ears and noses). He held a great conversation which just made the experience there that much better. 
Then it was time…
First James cleaned my the top of my ear and then he clamped it. After this, he asked if I was ready and he stuck the needle in. The only way that I can describe a piercing is like a shot of a pinching sort of pain. The needle didn’t hurt much more than a gun. I feel as if there was less of a sting with the needle, but the pinching pain lasted a little bit longer. Also I think it hurt a teeny tiny bit when he was putting the actual bar through, but I can’t be too sure because I couldn’t actually see what he was doing ��. Overall, I really would not mind going the needle route again (I think I even probably prefer it ��). 
Afterwards, James told me how to take care of my piercing and gave me an information sheet and a solution to clean my piercing with that I had bought. I really do recommend booking an appointment with him if you are considering getting a piercing. You can find images of his work on his website ( or his Instagram page (@el_capitan_body_piercer)
I added a second mirrored helix piercing on Hanna a couple of months after the first and took that opportunity to grab a couple of photos. Thanks for the kind words Hanna, people like yourself make doing what I do a lot of fun and an honour to put customers and clients at ease when receiving a precise and professional piercing!
You can check out Hanna’s full review here.

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