Temple Dermal

Temple Dermal I

Chelsea's Temple Dermal Anchor

Chelsea’s Temple Dermal Anchor

Temple Dermal III

Chelsea's Temple Dermal Piercing

Chelsea’s Temple Dermal Piercing

Was a pleasure and a lot of fun when Chelsea requested a microdermal anchor piercing on her temple (side of the face.) Chelsea had previously had this piercing procedure performed twice on either side of her forehead (each temple.) The scar around half an inch south of the dermal had been done before in Philly and Chelsea was more than happy with it for around three years before it grew out. She had a second done on the left side, elsewhere also; which never took (settled) and only lasted a few months. Chelsea was really happy with the results as was I and it is a constant buzz meeting so many wonderful people doing what I do in the studio at Shiva.

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