Shiva on Creek Rd, Greenwich, London. SE10.

Shiva on Creek Rd, Greenwich, London. SE10.

Shiva has proudly operated in Greenwich for over 15yrs and we are happy to be celebrating our first year on Creek Rd.

The Shiva Crew moved from our beloved former address on Church St. in Greenwich, around the corner to Creek Rd and opened one year ago today.

Shiva was established in 1991 but first opened in Greenwich over 15yrs ago, building up a worldwide reputation for quality in piercing, tattooing and other cultural goods.

I have worked at the shop for seven and a half years and been manager whilst piercing full time professionally for the past five.

The last year, as ever; has been a wild ride of many things among them fun and wonder…

Pleasure meeting the many faces, old and new; who pass through my studio and the shop; I pride myself on honest and professional piercing where by you have no less than the perfect piercing for you.

The last year has been as busy as ever despite the move and the crew are loving working in a bigger premises for which we all continually look forward to meeting the many that pass through the good ship Shiva, seven days a week…


The Captain.

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