Trusted By Many – Customers, Friends & Family…

Victoria's Navel Piercing I

Victoria’s Navel Piercing I

Victoria's Navel Piercing II

Victoria’s Navel Piercing II

This is the first time I’ve ever pierced anyone in my family! I’ve pierced thousands of people by now be them obviously the general public, friends, grrlfriends, other piercers, tattooists, many artists in general; and now finally family. I’ve literally pierced people from every geographical corner of the planet that you could imagine, but it’s a compliment to be trusted by those close to you. This piercing is also special as I first met Vicky, my cousin Camille’s daughter; when she was about four or five weeks old. Still to this day maybe, the youngest person I’d ever met! Weirdly, I first met and held her on the same day I found out my Gramps had passed away; I would have been around fifteen at the time and meeting little Victoria helped ease the pain and devastation of unexpectedly losing my Gramps. I just remember a numbness lifting, as I held you for what felt like hours. Blood runs deep, on my mother’s side at least. I also would like to point out my cousin Milly even text me the very morning to state how she didn’t want Vicky getting it done, but as it was me who was doing it. I want to tell all my customers, I totally understand this and have many parents bringing their teenagers in for piercing. I tell them all the same, your parents are probably against piercing because they naturally should think you’re perfect as you are. Vicky had her ears pierced twice (not by me) and both times had infected and rejected but I did those last Summer for her and as she looked after them my cuz’ finally allowed Victoria a navel piercing. Which I can say for sure, she is looking after and healing well! I pierced Vicky w/1.6mm x 12mm curved titanium bar w/blue zirconia double gem stones.

#Don’tTrustFrensWitHennaInk@School! #MamaWasAWildChildToo! #RockN’F’Roll #SweetChildO’Mine

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