Nose & Reopening

Left Side Nose Piercing Action on Naimah

Left Side Nose Piercing Action on Naimah

I love this reaction to being arksed for a photo! Left side nostril nose piercing w/titanium nose stud on the gorgeous Naimah Littelbones!! We also did a couple of cheeky re-openings piercing wise, for which I’ll add “a gentle gentleman always uses KY…” Genuinely loved meeting and piercing Naimah and Adamna, awesome girls!! Also a big thanks to their grrrl Kinga, who was a former body piercer and lent a hand with the tapered reopening process!!! There’s plenty days where, with the people I meet and come across; leaves me loving my job!

Naimah Littlebones

“Got my left nostril pierced today! Pretty chuffed with it!!! Thanks El Capitan, absolute sound lad! Take a trip to Greenwich to get prodded and poked by this chap!” Naimah Littlebones


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