El Cap

Coffee & Cigarettes help me function...

Coffee & Cigarettes help me function…

Vibin’ off life right now… Thanks for all the love InstaWorld, customers, clients, friends and family…

A message more so for the latter…

A lot of us made it, making it, fighting and surviving, ducking and diving…

All of us looking ever well educated over tomorrow’s youth. I’m diggin’ 30! My 20’s were mostly a fucking headache n’ a headfuck. Genuinley living, loving and laughing now… of us round the ways from one another growing up, I truly feel blessed of late, knowing a pocket of us are really making well on life. There’s too many people I got big love, maaad love and too much loveee for in this world… even if some sadly departed or fell by the wayside. I’ve met far too many people in my life and am greatly gettin’ a kick out of happier times… As I’m getting older I’m getting happier and it pleases me so much that it seems so are a lot of my friends…

and at any other mutha fucka just like me! Far too many people not on IG and you all know I don’t do facebook/friendsreunited. With the good comes the bad and life forever moves in waves and maybe at 30 I’m better adjusted for surfing it… Even those that departed, checked out and left; many memories are close to my chest. Even those that no showed, walked out, those that sadly fell by the wasteside… I’m proud of who I am, where I been, where I’m at and wherever the fuck I’m going… What could not kill me has only made me stronger. #rarerant#realtalk#maaadlove


Photo by Miss Jones #swag

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