Throwback XXXmas XIII

Modified Daily Dream Print check out

Modified Daily Dream Print check out

2013 was another busy year of piercing for me, more so for finally setting up a gallery @ and of course managing Shiva throughout a period of transition whereby the shop and studios were moved after an incredibly successful fifteen years located in Church St as a thriving independent business.

The move was planned since July 2013 and thus it was a long six months in re-working what was the old Emporium, vintage clothes shop for 30yrs; into the new slicker Shiva.

We didn’t move until January 2014 and a big shout out to all the current Shiva crew members who oversaw it all.

After workin’ it n’ workin’ it, here’s a few random shots (literally) of some of us before it got messy…

Archie. Jake. George.

Archie. Jake. George.

Shottin' so to speak...

Shottin’ so to speak…

No matter what the rota, line up, substitutions, changes over the years at Shiva, always been lucky to work with and meet some wonderful people.

We all different, we all the same, we all whatever.

Always love though, for which I’ve been fortunate to make some good friends… and family, we work together.

My crew hold it down, whatever the weather; no matter what given line-up… this crew gon’ run from who?

Miss Jones

Miss Jones

Illin', Trillin', Chillin'...

Illin’, Trillin’, Chillin’…

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