Nose Piercing

Spiky Nose Piercing

Spiky Nose Piercing

Here’s one of the most popular piercings, the nose. At Shiva we charge £20 for a plain stud or a spike (shown here) or a range of gem stones for £25. We pierce with 1mm titanium corkscrew/spiral back studs. I never pierce noses with rings as rings spin and thus infection is inevitable, as is it easier to catch rings on things. I usually advise a minimum of three months before I’m happy to change it to a ring for you. It’s also not uncommon for a nose stud to fall/be pulled out. If this happens, in the initial healing period they will heal/close up; ridiculously quick. If this happens, do come back and see me and I’ll happily re-open or re-pierce it.

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