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Self-Pierced Septum w/Kliq

Self-Pierced Septum w/Kliq

So I stretched my self pierced septum from a 0.8 x 6mm seamless ring to one of our new 1.6mm septum clickers. Mainly for jokes. Also to consider the fact that I mainly pierce septums with 1.2mm CBBs unless a request is made for 1.6mm. As all the new septum clickers that we sell are 1.6mm I thought I’d make the stretch/jump to see how it felt. I usually wear a way more discreeter seamless ring (as there’s enough metal in my nose) and again, the clicker is something I would only fit post healed piercing. Mine was fine doing/stretching it, myself (pain is in the mind) but it was real sore for like two days(ish) after… That blocked up, pseudo-cold feeling. Clickers not quite me but I think this style of jewellery has been one of the main reasons the septum is easily one of the most popular piercings last couple years. I’ll wear it a couple weeks to ‘low the swelling etc. and I’ll admit these do look kool; we sell gem stoned clickers in clear, aqua and fuscia also. £9.99 each or I’ll happily fit one bought elsewhere for the Shiva £3.50 fitting charge.

#clickclickboom #septumsorority #heartbreakhigh

Thanks to Arch’ who took the photo after, who had the following to say on the @shivagreenwich instagram.

“Just bumped into El Capitan at a bar in Hoxton/Dalston/non-descript hipster hangout location.
SHe didn’t event need to use herrr fake id to get in, I guess her septum clicker made her look well old and ting yea #hipstervibez #teenage4eva #sweetsixteen #tookool4skool #beauty #4evayung #mileycyrus #mileyclub #bangerz #luvmiley #omg #omgicanteven #mileyismylife” A.S.

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